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Castle Valley Power Outages and Flood Update

Upper Pace flood

 IF THERE IS A ROAD EMERGENCY, CALL THE OFFICE 435-259-9828, or contact the Roads Manager 435-258-9203 or Mayor 435-258-9203.
6/21/24 Flooding
What a flood! The affected roads were triaged, and are passable at this time (6/24). A lot of work is still to be done but the Town’s focus now is to prepare for more potential storms this week and the rest of the summer. We will be prioritizing road access and drainage over making roads nice.
Future Flood Event Planning
• Shelter in place as needed.
• When safe check to make sure your neighbors are ok.
• Don’t drive into flooded roads.
• Adhere to Road Department signage and personnel directions.
• Have a 24-hour emergency kit, including water, in case you are trapped behind flooded areas.

Thank you to all the volunteers and equipment operators. Please send the Town your time spent and/or invoices this week so we can document the event and pay invoices. Send to
Grand County Emergency Management wants to track your volunteer efforts; this has the potential to help us meet in-kind grant matches to further assist in recovery efforts. Use this form:

Photo permission contributed by Judy Mavroleon.
Recent Power Outages
These outages are not the normal long line problems—they are the result of the electrical system being put on Emergency Fire Settings (EFR). These settings are determined by Rocky Mountain Power staff meteorologists; during EFR the normal fault indicators trip immediately and do not reset on their own. The purpose of this is to prevent fires.

The outage Sunday 6/16 was caused by wind; Monday 6/17 was a crow; the long outage on Tuesday 6/18 was a crow on Lazaris Lane; and the evening of 6/20 was a lightning strike. The crews are now required to inspect and patrol the entire line to isolate the cause before re-energizing the lines. Power will also be de-energized automatically if there is a fire within 2 miles of the lines, and further if the wind is bad. Prepare to back up your power with a generator or something else if sprinklers are part of your fire plan. Defensible space is the most important thing you can do. More fire prevention/preparedness tips.

The generator on Pace Hill was not there to provide power during an outage, it was only to add power during voltage drops, and it was never needed. Instead, a new station has been built outside of Moab, to be turned on within two weeks. RMP has allocated $300,000 funding for an additional line that will be built to isolate the Town of Castle Valley to enable restoring power faster during these events, but installation of that line is still 4-5 weeks away. New re-closure devices ($80,000 each) are being ordered, which will help isolate EFR faults faster, further reducing outage time.
The 6/20/2024 Town Council Meeting audio with Dan Vink from Rocky Mountain Power is now available. Vink starts at the 4:20 mark and speaks for about a half hour including questions.
Future Outage Planning 
• Have a 24-hour emergency kit, including water, in case the outage lasts a while.
• Have blocks of ice in your freezer and put one in your fridge to keep items cool.
• Check on your neighbors to make sure they are ok.
• Consider a propane generator for your well.
• Get surge protectors for electronic devices. There are meter surge protectors available that will protect your entire house. During an outage unplug electronic devices, so they are not damaged by a possible spike when power comes back on.
RMP web page with more information: Wildfire Safety