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The difference between a Resolution and an Ordinance is that a Resolution is used for administrative matters, or to express support for a particular policy or action that might be taken by another government entity. Resolutions, unlike Ordinances, do not create rules for property owners or residents.

See the  Resolutions passed by the Town of Castle Valley since 2015. Older Resolutions can be obtained via email or at the Town Office.

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Resolutions since 2015

R2020-1 Authority Determining Written Policy Positions by the Town Council
R2020-2 Joint Resultion to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment
R2020-3 Delegating Authority in the Absence of the Mayor  (amended periodically)
R2020-4 Adopting the Amended  FY 2020 Budget
R2020-5 Adopting the Tentative FY 2021 Budget
R2020-6 Adopting the Final FY 2021 Budget
R2020-7 Adopting the FY 2021 Tax Rate
R2020-8 Permit Application and Fee Scedule (amended frequently)
R2020-9 Protection of the Big Cottonwood Tree
R2020-10 Adopting the 2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan
R2021-1 Adopting the Amended FY 2021 Budget
R2021-2 Authority Determining Written Policy Positions by the Town Council
R2021-3 Approving the Interlocal Agreement Regarding the Community Renewable Energy Program (C-REP)
R2021-4 Adopting the 2nd Amended FY 2021 Budget
R2021-5 Adopting the Tentative FY 2022 Budget
R2021-6 C-REP Representatives
R2021-7 Adopting the Final FY 2022 Budget
R2021-8 Adopting the FY 2021 Certified Tax Rate 
R2021-9 Cancelling the 2021 Municipal Election
R2022-1 Adopting the Amended FY 2022 Budget
R2022-2 Adopting the Tentative FY 2023 Budget
R2022-3 Permit Application and Fee Scedule (amended frequently)
R2022-4 Adopting the Final FY 2023 Budget
R2022-5 Adopting the Emergency Operations Plan
R2022-6 Adopting the 2022 Certified Tax Rate
R2023 Rocky Mountain Power Franchise Agreement
R2023-1 Adopting the FY 2023 Amended Budget
R2023-2 Adopting the Proposed FY 2024 Budget
R2023-3 Anti-Displacemnt HUD Requirement
R2023-4 Adopting the FY 2023 Budget
R2023-6 Adopting the 2023 Certified Tax Rate
R2023-7 Adopting the Amended FY 2024 Budget
R2023-8 Cancelling the 2023 Municipal Election
R2024 Amending the FY 2024 Budget
R2024-2 Permit Application and Fee Schedule

2015-7 Opposing Transfer of Public Lands to State
2017-1 Updating Management of Town Water Rights
2017-2 Adopting the Amended FY 2017 Budget 
2017-4 Adopting the Final FY 2018 Budget
2018-1 Delegating Authority in the Absence of the Mayor (amended periodically)
2018-3 Inclusion in the Grand County EMS District
2018-4 Short Term Rental Joint Resolution
2018-5 Adopting the Amended FY 2018 Budget
2018-6 Adopting Tentative FY 2019 Budget
2018-7 Adopting Final FY 2019 Budget
2018-9 Adopting Final Tax Rate
2019-1 Adopting the Amended 2019 Budget 
2019-2 Adopting the Tentative 2020 Budget
2019-3 Adopting the Final 2020 Budget
2019-4 Adopting the Final Tax Rate 
2019-5 Cancelling the Election
2019-6 Joint Resolution Against UTVs in National Parks
2019-7 Adopting the Goal of 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030