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Conditional Uses

The Town's Zoning Ordinance specifies the following activities and structures may exist in the five-acre zone of the Town, as long as certain conditions are met:

Non-Permanent Conditional Use Permit

  • Nurseries, botanical
  • Premises Occupations (See also Prohibited Uses for Home and Premises Occupations below)
  • Home Occupations (See also Prohibited Uses for Home and Premises Occupations below)
  • Day care nurseries, family day care center, and foster care homes
  • Prohibited Uses for Home and Premises Occupations: On-site moter vehicle, trailer or boat repair shops; autobody and/or fender repair shops; manufacture of, assembly of, or on-site repair shops for heavy equipment, major appliances, or engines; junkyards; and mortuaries or crematoriums are prohibited.
Permanent Conditional Use Permit

  • Public buildings
  • New or substantial changes to existing irrigation ditches, spring fed ponds, water pipelines, flood control structures, and windmills
  • Above ground water storage tanks that are more than twelve (12) feet in height when measured from the top of the tank to natural grade or that do not have a flat, non reflective finish that is similar in color to the surrounding soil and vegetation as specified in our Land Use Ordinance.
  • Schools, churches, cemeteries, parks, playgrounds and arboretums
The Ordinance specifies a number of conditions for such uses, e.g. impact on public health and safety, impact on neighbors, storage of material, generation of traffic, etc. All of these conditions are based on the fundamental desire to keep the residential/rural nature of the Town, to protect our local environment and to not endanger residents' privacy, safety, and peace and quiet. 

Anyone who has a home-based business in Castle Valley or uses their physical Castle Valley address as their business address is required to obtain a Home/Premises Conditional Use Permit and a business license, unless they meet the requirements for a permitted agricultural business as listed in our Land Use Ordinance. Home/Premises Conditional Use Permits are considered to be Routine or Non-Routine, based upon their potential impact on the community. All other Conditional Use Permits are always considered Non-Routine.

Property owners must submit a Conditional Use Permit Preliminary Questionnaire to the Building Permit Agent to determine the type of Conditional Use Permit that is appropriate for them. For both Routine and Non-Routine Conditional Use Permits, the Building Permit Agent will notify adjacent neighbors of the application. Non-Routine applications are considered at a regularly scheduled Public Meeting of the Planning and Land Use Commission (PLUC). The PLUC then recommends approval to the Town Council, which makes the final decision at a required Public Meeting. Click for a description of the Approval Process and Frequently Asked Questions regarding the various types of Conditional Use Permits. 

The Non-Permanent Conditional Use Permit, if granted, lasts until the end of the calendar year. Renewal applications are required each year but renewals cannot be refused as long as the resident has not made any changes to the conditional use and all of the conditions of the permit are still being met, and as long as the Town has not changed its regulations regarding Conditional Uses. Please read the details regarding Conditional Uses in Chapter 4 of the Land Use Ordinance..

Permanent Conditional Use Permits run with the land and transfer to new owners automatically in the event of the sale of the lot and are not required to be renewed each year.

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