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Complaint Process

The various Town Councils of Castle Valley have tried over the years not to burden our citizens with excessive regulations. Nor has the Town chosen to have a vigorous enforcement process for our Ordinances (i.e., Town-initiated inspections, enforcement letters, and the levying of fines through the courts).

Rather we hope and expect that citizens will acquaint themselves with the basic Town Ordinances and abide by them, particularly if neighbors point out an infraction that is impacting their own ability to enjoy their own property.

The Complaint Resolution Process is designed to help solve ordinance violations through a process of discussion and mediation. The process involves citizen volunteers talking to both those who complain about a violation and those accused of committing a violation, seeking to find a mutually agreed resolution of the problem. Ordinance 2021-1 Complaint Resolution Process

In brief, the process—which is governed by a series of deadlines and is fully documented in a complaint file—works as follows:

  • A formal written complaint is filed;
  • A two-person team investigates the situation through conversations with both the complainer and the alleged violator;
  • If a real violation seems to be taking place, a negotiation is initiated to find an acceptable solution;
  • If a solution is reached, there is a mechanism to assure fulfillment of terms that have been agreed; and
  • If a solution is not reached or not effectively implemented, the Town will pursue prosecution of the violation through the enforcement section of the appropriate Ordinance or through the Town's Nuisance Ordinance. In either case, the Town will pursue the matter in a County Court, which will ultimately decide guilt or innocence and any punishment.
There is no official complaint form. If a citizen wishes to file a complaint, they must do so in writing, giving the facts and history and referencing the specific ordinance or ordinances they believe have been violated.

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