Town of Castle Valley, Utah
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Key Contacts

Mayor:  Jazmine Duncan

Town Clerk:

Treasurer: Tory Hill


Town of Castle Valley

HC 64 Box 2705
Castle Valley, UT 84532-9608
Phone: (435) 259-9828
Fax: (435) 259- 9846


Jazmine Duncan 

(435) 259-1064


Town Clerk

Jocelyn Buck  



Building Permit Agent

Colleen Thompson 

(435) 259-9828


PLUC Clerk

Jessica Maw



Water Agent

John Groo 

(970) 985-0355


Roads Manager

Dorje Honer

435-259-9828 or 435- 258-9203



Office Hours

Town Building is closed until further notice due to COVID

Town Clerk can be reached by phone 435-259-9828 

Monday thru Wednesday  9am-1pm     

Other times by appointment only.

Notary Services Available

General Town Management

General Plan


Like all Utah local governments, the Town of Castle Valley has a General Plan. The primary purpose and focus of the plan is to provide a framework for land use control, although Castle Valley's plan covers a broader range of topics:

  • Land Use
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Fire Protection
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Town Government

Fiscal Matters

The Town has a fiscal year of July 1 through June 30. Discussions on the budget occur over several months each spring, with the budget normally passed in the June meeting of the Town Council. A public hearing is required part of the budget approval process.
(Under Utah law, revenues must equal expenditures).

Town Purchases  The Town has Purchasing Policy that, in summary, specifies the following:

  • The Mayor has the authority to authorize purchases of under $600 or less
  • The Town Council can approve purchases of $1500 or less without seeking competitive bids
  • The Town Council must have at least three documented bids for purchases between $1,501 and $10,000
  • For purchases of over $10,000 the Town must seek sealed competitive bids through public postings and newspaper advertising
  • Exceptions may be made to these policies in the instances of sole source providers or emergencies

Town of Castle Valley      HC 64 Box 2705      Castle Valley, Utah      84532-9608      Phone: (435) 259-9828      More Contact Info