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Septic Maintenance

Septic systems pose one of the biggest potential threats to our aquifer.  As a general rule, tanks should be inspected and pumped as necessary every three to five years to remove solids.  

You can review the method for measuring the level of sludge and scum in your tank presented in the Powerpoint presentation below.  This will help you determine when it is time to pump.  In general, when sludge and scum take up more than 35% of your tank's volume, then solids should be removed by pumping out the tank.

Installing a riser on your septic tank can make access and maintenance easier.   A riser is an extension of the tank that is attached to the tank's opening and brings the opening closer to the surface of the ground.  It costs approximately $100-$300 depending on the length of riser needed.

This section contains information and links regarding general guidelines and maintenance for your septic system including: 

Below are links to individual pages from the above Powerpoint Presentation:

Review the following pages from the Powerpoint Presentation to see how common household items and practices can affect your system:

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