Town of Castle Valley, Utah
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Key Contacts

Town Clerk:

Town of Castle Valley

HC 64 Box 2705
Castle Valley, UT 84532-9608
Phone: (435) 259-9828


Jazmine Duncan 


Town Clerk

Jocelyn Buck



Building Permit Agent

Colleen Thompson 

(435) 259-9828 


PLUC Clerk


Water Agent

John Groo

(970) 985-0355


Roads Manager

Dorje Honer

435-258-9203 or 435-259-9828



Town Building Office Hours


Monday thru Wednesday  9am-1pm    

Phone 435-259-9828 

Notary Services Available


The difference between a Resolution and an Ordinance is that a Resolution is used for administrative matters or to express support for a particular policy or action that might be taken by another government entity.

Resolutions, unlike Ordinances, do not create rules for property owners or residents.

See the  Resolutions passed by the Town of Castle Valley since 2015. Each can be viewed or copies obtained at the Town Office. 

Resolution Table of Contents 

2015-7 Opposing Transfer of Public Lands to State

2017-1 Updating Management of TownWater Rights

2017-2 Adopting the AmendedFY 2017 Budget 

2017-4 Adopting the Final FY 2018 Budget

2013-1(amended9-2018) Permit Applicatio and Fee Scedule

 2018-1 Delegating Authority in the Absense of the Mayor

2018-4ShortTermRental Joint Resolution

2018-3Inclusion in the Grand County EMS District

2018-5Adopting theAmendedFY2018Budget




2019-1AdoptingtheAmended 2019 Budget 

2019-2Adopting the Tentative2020Budget



2019-5Cancelling the Election_

2019-6JointResolutionagianst UTVs in NPS

2019-7Adopting the Goal of 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030

2020-1 Authority determining Written Policy positions by the Town Council

2020-2 Joint Resultion to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment 

2020-3 Delegating Authority in the absence of the Mayor

2020-4 Adopting the Amended  FY2020 Budget

2020-5 Adopting the Tentative FY2021 Budget

2020-6Adopting the FinalFY2021 Budget

2020-7Adopting the FY2021 Tax Rate

2020-8 PermitApplicationand Fee Scedule

2020-9 Protection of the Big Cottonwood Tree

2020-10 Adopting the 2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan

2021-1 Adopting the Amended FY2021 Budget

2021-2 Authority determining Written Policy positions by the Town Council

2021-3 Approving the Interlocal Agreement regarding the Community Renewable Energy ProgramC-REP

R2021-4Adopting the 2nd Amended FY2021 Budget

R2021-5Adopting the Tentative FY2022 Budget

R2021-7Adopting the Final FY2022 Budget

R2021-8Adopting the FY2021Certified Tax Rate 

R2021-6 C-REP Representatives

R2021-9 Cancelling the 2021 Municpal Election

R2022-1 Adopting the Amended FY2022 Budget

R2022-2Adopting the Tentative FY2023 Budget

R2022-3 Permit Application and Fee Scedule

R2022-4 Adopting the Final FY2023 Budget

R2022-5 Adopting the Emergency Operations Plan

R2022-6 Adopting the 2022 Certified Tax rate

R2023-1Adopting the FY 2023 Amended Budget

R2023-2 Adopting the Proposed FY2024 Budget

R2023-3 Anti-Displacemnt HUD Requirement

R2023-4 Adopting the FY2023 Budget

R2023-6 Adopting the 2023 Certifeid tax Rate

R2023-7Adopting the Amended FY2024 Budget

R2023-8 Cancelling the 2023 Municpal Election

Town of Castle Valley      HC 64 PO Box 2705      Castle Valley, UT      84532      Phone: 14352599828      More Contact Info