Town of Castle Valley, Utah
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Key Contacts

Town Clerk:

Town of Castle Valley

HC 64 Box 2705
Castle Valley, UT 84532-9608
Phone: (435) 259-9828
Fax: (435) 259- 9846


Jazmine Duncan 

(435) 259-1064


Town Clerk

Jocelyn Buck  



Building Permit Agent

Colleen Thompson 

(435) 259-9828


PLUC Clerk

Jessica Maw



Water Agent

John Groo 

(970) 985-0355


Roads Manager

Dorje Honer

435-259-9828 or 435- 258-9203



Office Hours

Town Building is closed until further notice due to COVID

Town Clerk can be reached by phone 435-259-9828 

Monday thru Wednesday  9am-1pm     

Other times by appointment only.

Notary Services Available


The difference between a Resolution and an Ordinance is that a Resolution is used for administrative matters or to express support for a particular policy or action that might be taken by another government entity.

Resolutions, unlike Ordinances, do not create rules for property owners or residents.

See link below for a list of Resolutions passed by the Town of Castle Valley since 1985. Each can be viewed or copies obtained at the Town Office. Or a Resolution can be provided by e-mail or fax to an interested citizen.

Resolution Table of Contents 

2015-7 Opposing Transfer of Public Lands to State

2017-1 Updating Management of TownWater Rights

2017-2 Adopting the AmendedFY 2017 Budget 

2017-4 Adopting the Final FY 2018 Budget

2013-1(amended9-2018) Permit Applicatio and Fee Scedule

 2018-1 Delegating Authority in the Absense of the Mayor

2018-4ShortTermRental Joint Resolution

2018-3Inclusion in the Grand County EMS District

2018-5Adopting theAmendedFY2018Budget




2019-1AdoptingtheAmended 2019 Budget 

2019-2Adopting the Tentative2020Budget



2019-5Cancelling the Election_

2019-6JointResolutionagianst UTVs in NPS

2019-7Adopting the Goal of 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030

2020-1 Authority determining Written Policy positions by the Town Council

2020-2 Joint Resultion to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment 

2020-3 Delegating Authority in the absence of the Mayor

2020-4 Adopting the Amended  FY2020 Budget

2020-5 Adopting the Tentative FY2021 Budget

2020-6Adopting the FinalFY2021 Budget

2020-7Adopting the FY2021 Tax Rate

2020-8 PermitApplicationand Fee Scedule

2020-9 Protection of the Big Cottonwood Tree

2020-10 Adopting the 2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan

2021-1 Adopting the Amended FY2021 Budget

2021-2 Authority determining Written Policy positions by the Town Council

2021-3 Approving the Interlocal Agreement regarding the Community Renewable Energy Program

R2021-4Adopting the 2nd Amended FY2021 Budget

R2021-5Adopting the Tentative FY2022 Budget

R2021-7Adopting the Final FY2022 Budget

R2021-8Adopting the FY2021Certified Tax Rate 

R2021-6 C-REP Representatives

R2021-9 Cancelling the 2021 Municpal Election

Town of Castle Valley      HC 64 Box 2705      Castle Valley, Utah      84532-9608      Phone: (435) 259-9828      More Contact Info