Town of Castle Valley, Utah
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Key Contacts

Town Clerk:

Town of Castle Valley

HC 64 Box 2705
Castle Valley, UT 84532-9608
Phone: (435) 259-9828
Fax: (435) 259- 9846


Jazmine Duncan 


Town Clerk

Jocelyn Buck



Building Permit Agent

Colleen Thompson 

(435) 259-9828 


PLUC Clerk

Jessica Maw



Water Agent

John Groo

(970) 985-0355


Roads Manager

Dorje Honer

435-258-9203 or 435-259-9828



Town Building Office Hours


Monday thru Wednesday  9am-1pm    

Phone 435-259-9828 

Notary Services Available

Access to Public Records

The Town of Castle Valley has adopted Utah's Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), which gives citizens access to government records with the exception of:
  • Private information (e.g. social security numbers, employee records)
  • Controlled access information about individuals (e.g. medical disclosures)
  • Protected records (e.g. commercial information of companies, attorney-privileged information, drafts of documents before becoming public, etc.)
Click here for access to the State's GRAMA Statute.

Requests for a document should be made to the Town Clerk, who will locate the document. Citizens are not allowed to search files on their own. Normally, the Clerk will show the document to the individual, provide an electronic copy or make a physical copy upon request.

The Town reserves the right to charge $.25 a page for copying any document of over 10 pages.

Under GRAMA, the Town has up to 10 working days to respond to a request for information, although we certainly hope and expect to respond more quickly than that.

If the Town refuses access to a document based on one of the above categories of exclusion, the first appeal is to the Mayor. The second appeal is to the State Record Committee and then, ultimately, to the courts.

Town of Castle Valley      HC 64 PO Box 2705      Castle Valley, UT      84532      Phone: 14352599828      More Contact Info