Town of Castle Valley, Utah
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PLUC Members


Through 12/31/20
Bill Rau, Chair

Through 6/30/22
Pamela Gibson

Through 6/30/22
Marie Hawkins

Through 12/31/22
Colleen Thompson

Through 6/30/20
Ryan Anderson



PLUC Clerk

Faylene Roth

Appeal Authority

Zacharia Levine

Planning and Land Use Commission

As required by State Law, the Town passed an Ordinance Establishing a Land Use Authority in July, 2006 redefining what used to be called the Planning and Zoning Commission into what is now knows as the Planning and Land Use Commission (PLUC).

The PLUC is essentially an advisory body to the Town Council, which is the "land use authority" for most land use applications in the Town. The PLUC makes recommendations to the Council regarding the General Plan, all land use Ordinances, official town maps, Conditional Use applications, and other land use issues.

The PLUC Clerk handles all the administrative work for the PLUC.

Like the Town Council, the meetings of the PLUC are governed by Utah's Open Meetings Act and must be properly notified so that the deliberations are held in public. There is a regular meeting scheduled every month (normally the first Wednesday of the month), although the PLUC can also hold special meetings, workshops, and public hearings at other times.

There are five members of the PLUC with the possibility of appointing an additional two alternates, who can help create quorums at meeting. Each member has a term of four years.

The Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Town Council, appoints members, who must have lived in Castle Valley for one year before applying for the position. The PLUC elects its own Chairman from among its members.

The 2006 Ordinance establishing the PLUC also reaffirmed that the land use Appeal Authority for the Town is the Board of Adjustments. This committee of three members considers all requests for variances. It also is the appeal board for any citizen who wishes to challenge a particular land use application decision.

The Board of Adjustments has no regular meeting schedule, but all meetings are subject to Utah's Open Meetings requirements.

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