Town of Castle Valley, Utah
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Key Contacts

Town Clerk:

Town of Castle Valley

HC 64 Box 2705
Castle Valley, UT 84532-9608
Phone: (435) 259-9828
Fax: (435) 259- 9846

Mayor - 

Jazmine Duncan 435-259-1064

Town Clerk -

Jocelyn Buck

Building Permit Agent-

Colleen Thompson  435-259-9828

PLUC Clerk -

Faylene Roth  435-259-4743

Water Agent -

John Groo -970-268-5561

Roads Manager-

Mingo Gritts 435-260-0871



Office Hours

Monday thru Wednesday  9am-1pm     

Other times by appointment only.

Notary Services Available


The Town has passed numerous Ordinances since its inceptionin 1985  Click here for a list of all the ordinances .

Each Ordinance can be viewed or copied at the Town Office  or provided by email or fax.

While the General Plan is not an Ordinance ,it guides the enactment of Ordinaces in the Town.

Below are links to the full text of Ordinaces that are most relevant to Property owners and residents .

1991-1 Outdoor Lighting Ordinance [19k PDF file]
1998-2 Animal Control Ordinance [25k PDF file]
2004-2 Master Development Plan/Rezoning Ordinance [63k PDF file]
2004-3 Subdivision Ordinance [117k PDF file]
2005-1 Annexation Policy Plan [20k PDF file]
2005-2 Parking Restriction and Road Use Ordinance [21k PDF file]
2007-3 Nuisance Ordinance [26k PDF file]
2007-8 Compensation of Mayor [39k PDF file]
2008-1 Compensation of Town Clerk/Recorder [18k PDF file]
2008-2 An Ordinance Establishing a Complaint Resolution Process and Board and a Uniform Procedure for Ordinance Enforcement [34k PDF file]
2009-1 An Ordinance Establishing the Authorization of and Procedures for Electronic Meetings to Conduct the Business and Affairs of the Town of Castle Valley [89k PDF file]
2009-3 Mayor's Compensation [59k PDF file]
95-6 Amended 1.16.2019 Ordinance Regarding the Building Permit Process [3848k PDF file]
1992-1 Regulating Installation of Electric Utility Service Ordinance [6k PDF file]
2000-1 Road Excavation Ordinance [83k PDF file]
2002-1 Time of Day Watering Ordinace [80k PDF file]
2003-1 Electric Franchise Agreement [1808k PDF file]
2003-3 Deer Fencing Ordinance [1046k PDF file]
2006-3 Amended 12.2017 Establishing Planning and Land Use Commission and Designating Land Use and Appeal Authority [2637k PDF file]
2007-1 - The GRAMA Ordinance [124k PDF file]
2007-4 Ordinance establishes when the Town Council formally initiates consideration of an Amendments to Land Use Ordinances [18k PDF file]
2007-6 Fire Ordinance [106k PDF file]
2007-7 Ordinance regarding Hunting and Discharge of Firearms within Town Boundaries [1609k PDF file]
2008-3 An Ordinance Establishing a Castle Valley Road Committee [996k PDF file]
2009-2 Amended Driveway Culvert Policy [1163k PDF file]
2013-1 An Ordinance Establishing a Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee [635k PDF file]
2016-1 Relating to the Acceptance of Donations to the Town [1125k PDF file]
2017-1Water User Proceedures for Water User Agreement [3274k PDF file]
2017-2 Ordinance Adopting Building Codes and Amendments currently adopted by the State under Utah State Rule156-56 of the Utah Uniform Building Standards Act [848k PDF file]
92-1 Electric Utility Installation Requirements [1383k PDF file]
96-1 Watershed Protection Ordinance [1777k PDF file]
General Plan [6304k PDF file]
Land Use Ordinance 85-3 Amended 10.17.2018 [1447k PDF file]
List of Ordinances 2018 [163k PDF file]

Town of Castle Valley      HC 64 Box 2705      Castle Valley, Utah      84532-9608      Phone: (435) 259-9828      More Contact Info