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Fire Prevention

Visist the Castle Valley Fire District Website too!

Fire is a very serious hazard in Castle Valley, even more so in recent years with the spread of cheat grass across the Valley. In the summer/fall of 2007, we had four separate fires; and, in one case, a house under construction was totally destroyed.

Thanks to the good work of the Castle Valley Fire District, Castle Valley is a Firewise Community, committed to operating in ways which reduce the potential for fire and improve the ability of our volunteer fire force to fight fires when they occur.

In planning construction, we ask property owners to consider the following critical issues which could make the crucial difference between saving your home and losing it:

  • Roofs and outside walls should ideally be constructed of fire-resistant materials
  • Mark the address of your house clearly on the road and have a driveway that fire equipment can easily use
  • Create a defensible space around your house for at least 30 feet on all sides, providing a low fuel environment in the case of a spreading wildfire. 
    • If appropriate, have an irrigation system near the house
    • Use low-growing, low flammability plants that are widely spaced. 
  • Think about your driveway and any paths or walkways for their potential as firebreaks
  • During construction, be certain to have fire suppression equipment
  • If there is cheat grass on your property, plow it under in the spring and/or mow it down!

For more information about smart Firewise practices in your daily life, go to the Firewise Website or the Castle Valley Fire District Website.

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