Town of Castle Valley, Utah
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Agendas and Minutes
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Jazmine Duncan 
Term ends: 12/31/2025


Terms Ending: 12/31/23
Pamela Gibson

Tory Hill     

Terms ending: 12/31/25

Harry Holland

Bob O'Brien


Town Clerk

Key Contacts

Mayor:  Jazmine Duncan

Town Clerk: Jocelyn Buck

Planning and Land Use Commission Clerk

PLUC Chairperson: Ryan Anderson

Building Permit Agent:   
Colleen Thompson

Roads Manager: Dorje Honer 


Key Contacts

Roads Committee:

Jazmine Duncan
Glen Wilson
Pamela Gibson
Jeff Whitney

Roads Department Manager: 

Dorje Honer 435-258-9203 



Town Council, Mayor and Clerk

Castle Valley is classified as a "Town" under Utah law.

The five-person Town Council is the governing body of the Town, having both legislative and executive responsibilities. The Town Council, acting as a group, sets policy for the Town and controls the Town's finances.

The Town Council must always deliberate and make its decisions in accordance with Utah's Open Meeting Act. Closed Meetings are allowed under limited circumstances.

Town Council members have four year terms. Elections occur in odd numbered years.

The Town Council holds a regularly scheduled meeting once a month, normally on the third Wednesday of the month in the evening. Special meetings can also be called. In all cases, public notice must be given as specified under Utah Law.

The Council also occasionally holds Public Hearings, where public input is sought but no decisions can be made.

The Mayor generates the Agenda for Town Council meetings, chairs the Town Council and is a voting member of the Council. He/she also acts as the "chief executive officer" of the Town, responsible, among other things, to:

  • Keep the peace and enforce the laws
  • Ensure that laws, ordinances and resolutions are executed and observed
  • Appoint, with the advice and consent of the Council, persons to fill municipal offices or vacancies on commissions or committees
  • Be the person to whom all employees report, except when otherwise designated

The Town Clerk is a Statutory Officer of the Town. The Town Council appoints the Town Clerk. The Castle Valley Clerk has the responsibilities listed below. Those marked with an asterisk are statutory responsibilities under Utah law. 

  • Function as the Town's ex-offico auditor and provide the required information to the audit firm that prepares the Town's annual financial report*
  • Maintain, or cause to be maintained, the financial records for the Town*
  • Administer bill payment and payroll*
  • Be the custodian of Town documents*
  • Assure public postings according to Utah law*
  • Manage Town elections*
  • Take and prepare minutes of Town Council meetings*
  • Manage the Town's office and serve as public liaison with citizens
  • Assist the Mayor and Council with administrative issues

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