Town of Castle Valley, Utah
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Town of Castle Valley

HC 64 Box 2705
Castle Valley, UT 84532-9608
Phone: (435) 259-9828
Fax: (435) 259- 9846

Mayor - 

Jazmine Duncan 435-259-1064

Town Clerk -

Jocelyn Buck

Building Permit Agent-

Colleen Thompson  435-259-9828

PLUC Clerk -

Susan Curtis  435-259-9828

Water Agent -

John Groo -970-268-5561

Roads Manager-

Mingo Gritts 435-260-0871



Office Hours

Town Building is closed until further notice due to COVID

Town Clerk can be reached by phone 435-259-9828 

Monday thru Wednesday  9am-1pm     

Other times by appointment only.

Notary Services Available

Castle Valley Library

Located in Town Building
2 Castle Valley Drive

Curently the Library is closed due to COVID.

Curbside Hours:  Wed-Fri 1-3PM


(435) 259-9998 


2021 Castle Valley Meeting Schedules
General Information

Mail: The mail boxes where residents get their mail are at the entrance to the Valley.  Addresses are: HC 64 Box #### Castle Valley UT 84532.  UPS & Fed-Ex provide home delivery. It's always best to put both addresses on all packages if a 2nd address line is provided. For a mailbox call the Moab Post Office 259-7457

Power: Rocky Mountain Power is the power company that serves Castle Valley.  All new power lines are required to be buried. 1-888-221-7070 Power Outages are common in Castle Valley, it's good to be prepared with extra water & lights.

Phone/Internet: Internet service is fair to very poor depending on where you are located in the Valley. Currently there are 3 Internet providers:Frontier Communication   [1-800-961-0470] or  , Frontier's spanish language site .Royce Electronic's River Canyon Wireless [259-8319] and Hughes Net

Currently the best cell phone coverage is with Verizon, however cell reception is spotty at best, with texting being slightly more reliable.  

Water: Each property owner is responsible for providing their own water. CV sits on top of a sole source aquifer that is fed by the La Sal Mountains. Most citizens have wells on their property or haul water from Matrimony Springs or from businesses in Moab.

Septic Tanks: Private property owners are required to have & maintain their own septic tanks. The Town does not provide a waste water management system. 

Schools: All public schools are in Moab.  Buses are provided to take Valley children to & from school. 

Hospitals: Moab Regional Hospital is in Moab 22 miles away.  Services include a full service emergency room, general & orthopedic surgical services, primary care physicians, obstetrical services & a wide range of other specialists. 259-7197, for emergencies call 911.

Emergency Services: Call 911. The Town, County & Daystar Academy worked together to create an Emergency Medical Responder Program in the Valley. The EMR's live locally and reach patients much faster than the minimum 35 minutes it takes Grand County EMS to arrive.  The EMR program has a non-transport ambulance that provides medical supplies and shelter until Grand County EMS arrives on scene. 

Fire:  Call 911.  Castle Valley has an awesome volunteer fire department that operates under Grand County with 2 Fire Stations located in the Valley.  Visit their website  or call 259-3655.

Shopping: There are no commercial businesses allowed in CV, gas, groceries and other amenities are in Moab. Home businesses are allowed, so some products may be available directly from your neighbor. 

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Castle Valley, Utah


Building Permit Information and Key Zoning Rules

85-3 Land Use Ordinance Amended 9.16.2020

Make Your Home and Property FireWise!

Castle Valley Fire District Website

2020 General Plan

2019 Survey Results -Quantitative Questions

2019 Survey Results-Open ended Questions

2016 Castle Valley Water Study Report Part 1

2016 Castle Valley Water Study Powerpoint

2016 CV Water Study Report: Part 2

Assessment of Surface and Groundwater Resources based on Aquifer storage Part 3

Groundwater Leaving Castle Valley

Preliminary Water Balance

Utah Noxious Weed List with Pictures

Septic Maintenance

Weather Ready Nation - NOAA

Transparency Utah

Interested in Castle Valley History??

Public Notices

View Neighbor to Neighbor Resource List 2.2021 Neighbor to Neighbor Resource List 2.2021 [96k PDF file]
View 2.16.21 Ordinance 85-3 4.9.4 proposed with markup 2.16.21 Ordinance 85-3 4.9.4 proposed with markup [88k PDF file]
View Amended FY2021 Budget Amended FY2021 Budget [165k PDF file]
View R2020-8Permit Application and Fee Schedule R2020-8Permit Application and Fee Schedule [1929k PDF file]
View Actual FY 2020 Budget and Adopted FY 2021 Budget Actual FY 2020 Budget and Adopted FY 2021 Budget [176k PDF file]
View Household Waste Disposal and Recycling in Castle Valley Household Waste Disposal and Recycling in Castle Valley [126k PDF file]
View  Current Hunting Designation Map Current Hunting Designation Map [266k PDF file]
View Public Notice to Control Noxious Weeds Public Notice to Control Noxious Weeds [193k PDF file]
View NO POWER, CAN'T CALL 911? Go To the Town Hall or contact a Fire District Member! NO POWER, CAN'T CALL 911? Go To the Town Hall or contact a Fire District Member! [52k PDF file]
View New to the Valley? New to the Valley? [35k PDF file]

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